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About: Inner_about

What's this website about? It's an electric brochure for others to view this art and to help people find Mary Margaret's diverse "art stuff".

In the words of Mary Margaret, "When I began to draw it was with a pencil. Then I added watercolors, acrylics and oils. As I became somewhat physically less able to stand or sit for long periods necessary to keep on using traditional art methods, I found a different way to keep going with art. My computer. If I finessed my computer and coaxed it into compliance, it would indeed let me draw, paint, and put my words into print. Not the same as before, but what is? It works for me."

"My paintings and writings were for my own enjoyment. With only a few exceptions, no one has any of my writings or art pieces."

"The website itself is designed by me, although my young friend, Jennifer, has helped make it all work. It carries my personality quirks and cannot blame Jennifer for those. We used as a conduit to electrify my ideas."

Those were the words of Dr. Mary Margaret Brown. We found her ideas and thoughts mostly interesting, although sometimes off the wall and certainly out of the box, but at all times filled with curiosity and passion. Mary Margaret hopes you enjoy the site and that you will add your comments and pass the site address on to others.

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