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Ok, let’s start with art credentials.  None.  How about writing credentials? None.  SO Mary Margaret, you are an artist with no art credentials and a writer without being published and still you call yourself an artist?


Our “artist” has an interesting past, however, and it may throw some light on why Mary Margaret Brown, AA, BA, MA, EdD, the self taught artist, took the time to draw or write at all.  Dr. Brown lived a life of running from job to job, almost literally.  Who in their right minds would take on as an occupation . . . trying out as many diverse jobs as possible.  Like what?  College Professor, Home designer, School bus driver, V. P. on Wall Street, Legal Secretary, Coach, President of Software Development Co,  Home Rehab. Specialist, Pharmacy Technician, Co-owner of Home decor, gardening and antique shop, and 18 more jobs.  Yep, you could say changing professions as often as possible was the occupation for Dr. Brown  . . . living in 31 houses, with 28 jobs, in eight states on both coasts should account for something.  But what?


The constant life and work adaptations became another complex algorithm to mull over and to integrate into the passion of life she retains to this day.  How things work and look consume her thoughts.  Perhaps her art projects project her kaleidoscope of life.  See what you think.  


Mary Margaret used up much of the physical abilities of her body with muscle and joint stressing activities like: sheet rocking, roller skating long distances, digging drainage ditches, shingling multiple roofs, lifting heavy timbers for building, playing baseball, softball, football, tennis, golf, skin and scuba diving and the like.  Dr. Brown’s body began to complain, loudly!  Soon a power wheelchair was needed to walk to get the mail.


No this isn’t a sob story.  Quite the contrary.  It’s a story about an intelligent, multi-talented person who now needs something to keep humor, intellect and passion in its appropriate place . . . surrounding her.  So writing and art have become the vehicles for doing just that. Dr. Brown had finessed so many occupations prior to this, we won’t count her out in thinking that this might happen once again.  This time as an artist and an author. 

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