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Mary Margaret's Art

Because of some physical limitations, Mary Margaret has stopped using her pencils and brushes to create  art.  Instead she  puts all of her creative skill and imagination into drawings and paintings on her computer.  


She then prints on canvas or Giclee art papers and sometimes on fabric, PVC, and cardboard.  

In sharing my art I was at my wits end.  My conundrum was this:  Were any of my creations art?  If so fine!  If not were any of value?  AND which were and which weren’t!  So I employed a local art critic to evaluate my creations.  My stoic critic went straight to work, glancing at some, picking up others, frowning here and there, but through it all, not saying a word.  No, not one word.


Needless to say, I was a anxious, edgy, tense and highly brittle.  In my lifetime, I have succeeded in a variety of professions and high powered jobs.  BUT, now, in my own home, I’ve invited in a, a, an art critic.  That very noun gives me the shivers.  I, along with my stuff, was to be judged, reviewed, analyzed and maybe even attacked. 


Finally, she finished.  Alas and with a heavy lump, deep in my throat, I said,  “So what do you think?”  Here’s what she found .  .  .

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